If you’re renting a small apartment, there’s a high chance that it comes with a windowless bathroom. It’s a bummer but shouldn’t really be a deal breaker because there are many ways you can brighten that dark and lonely place.
Here are five simple ways to bring in some light in your dark bathroom.

1. Choose a light main color
Painting your entire bathroom one light and solid color (yes, ceiling and floors included) can do wonders in giving the illusion of brightness and size. Be sure to check with your landlord first though if you’re renting.

Meanwhile, homeowners can also retile their bathroom with glossy tiles as reflective surfaces can make light bounce surfaces even with just artificial lighting.

2. When in doubt, go for white
As mentioned above, light colors help brighten up a room. White being one of the lightest colors around, you should incorporate the color as much as you can in your windowless bathrooms.

Designers say you can use the color not just on walls or tiles but also on accessories to give your bathroom a light and airy feel usually associated with natural light. Achieve this by getting a white rug or a white vanity chair to go with your vanity mirror.

3. Good lighting
Now this next one’s a bit obvious. Your bathroom doesn’t have windows, of course you should invest in good lighting!

Designers recommend focusing first on installing a ceiling-mounted as the main source of light. Next, you can turn your attention to the vanity area and mirror. Install some smaller, less bright lights. Getting a light dimmer to give you more control on light intensity is also a good idea if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

These lights will not only brighten up your bathroom, they could also make it easier for you to see those stray hairs if your grooming your eyebrows.

4. Mirrors, mirrors and mirrors
Mirrors with their reflective capabilities are a great addition to your dark bathroom as it helps light bounce off walls, giving an illusion of both illumination and space. What more big mirrors can make your everyday grooming tasks waaaay easier.

A good example is installing an oversized vanity mirror which extends to be part of the bathroom wall. It will reflect the side of the bath it’s facing and double up the visual space.

5. Indoor plants
Another great design idea for your windowless bathroom is to place indoor plants. Plants generally make people think of being outside and relaxes us as well. You can buy some small potted plants (Buy those kind that doesn’t need much sunlight though!) and use them to decorate your bathroom.
You can place some on your countertop, you can hang some from the ceiling. Be careful with overcrowding though. You don’t want your bathroom to look like a jungle.

Use the trick of distraction to shift the focus from the fact that you have a fully-enclosed bathroom.

One more perk of using potted plants is that you wouldn’t need to make drastic changes to your bathroom. You can easily take them out if the style isn’t you’re thing or rearrange them according to your preference. So this one’s recommended to apartment-renters out there!

Hopefully these tips have been helpful to you and your quest to brighten up a windowless bathroom. As you can see, all it takes to turn a dark bathroom into a bright, happy one is the following of two or all of these advices. Happy decorating!