Budgeting is a crucial part of any attempt at home remodeling. If done carefully and wisely, it can help you navigate through possible mishaps during your bathroom’s construction. You can never be too prepared when embarking on such an expensive and time-consuming endeavor.
Make a list
First, you should list down all of the things you’ll need. For example, a relatively thorough bathroom makeover will need the following: (a) general contractor, (b) labor), (c) new fixtures and/or (d) new countertops. From here, you can rank them by importance and allot budget accordingly. If you’re confident in your own skills, you can cross off the contractor and hiring labor to give more spending money on new toilets, sinks or some expensive tiles.

However, don’t be afraid to consult professionals first to have a look in your current bathroom to determine what changes are possible and which ones won’t.

You can save up money by going for low-cost alternatives for what would be the most expensive items on your list. Another way to save is to keep older items that are still in great working condition. A remodeling doesn’t mean that you should change everything in your bathroom.

Do your research
Never settle for the first one toilet you saw. For all you know, there will always be one that’s cheaper or better-looking that you didn’t find because you bought the first one. Canvassing for the lowest prices can also be applied to your other remodeling needs such as contractors and other fixtures. With fixtures and countertops, go for quality over what’s currently on trend. Choose classic pieces that will be in style for years to come instead cycling with the trends.

But remember that cheaper does not always mean better. Again, you should determine which items you’re willing to splurge on and on which ones you can afford to save. A cheap contractor might also mean cheap and sloppy work. A cheap toilet might cause you trouble in the long run. Try to find a balance between quality and price point.

Hiring a great general contractor
If you’re not confident with your own skills or if your bathroom really needs a much-needed overhaul, hiring a general contractor should be a priority of yours. Finding a good one can take a lot of stress off your shoulders knowing that trusted professionals are working on your bathroom.

Make sure to canvas around for a contractor that will be worth your money. Before hiring one, be sure to ask around for real-life reviews of a certain company. Do they consistently deliver good work? Are they easy to deal with? Are they upfront when it comes to costs? Friends and family who have done home remodeling projects are the perfect people to ask for recommendations. You can also go online and find reviews of certain contractors there if you can’t find real-life people who have hired them. And if the contractor has a website, check that out too as they most likely have a gallery of their previous works there which you can use as reference.
Prepare for the unexpected
Overage is always a possibility when doing home remodeling. There will always be unwelcome surprises lurking behind that wall or floor that’s about to be opened or torn down. The wise thing to do is to add a 30 % cushion to your initial budget for unexpected setbacks that might creep up when you start construction. Not doing so might mean a much longer construction time or worse an unfinished bathroom.

Ensure the success of your bathroom remodeling by setting a reasonable budget and doing your research. Never underestimate the power of a little canvasing in reducing the amount you’ll have to spend when remodeling.