The living room is the best place for the family to bond together. It should reflect how a family lives and accommodate their lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean that your living room should look like an extension of your children’s playroom with toys lying around next to your expensive rug.
You can strike a balance between style and functionality by going for practical but pleasing decorations which will retain its attractiveness despite the inevitable clutter that your family members will bring. Investing in decorative storage will also go along away in keeping your living room presentable, neat and easy to clean. Lastly, edge-less, children-safe furniture will surely make the space safe for kids but still retain some elegance.

The perfect sitting couch
Any living room design should start with finding the perfect couch as it will be one of the most used furniture in the room. Families should invest in a couch that can more or less sit every member of the family comfortably.

Designers advice investing in upholstery as they are used day in and day out. If both the style and construction are good, they’ll last the family for years and be a much needed constant to make your house feel like a home.

Using your kids’ toys or art supplies as colorful decoration
Your kids’ stuff are only clutter if you let them stay on the floor. Put these toys to good work by using them to decorate your living room. You can display art supplies in containers to add pops of color. Toys can be neatly mounted on open shelves when not in use. Just don’t forget to make these displays accessible to your children.

Chic storage
If your kids’ toys cannot all be contained on open shelves, it’s time to turn to baskets and fabric boxes or, you know, more shelves. Keep excess toys or art supplies in these storage spaces to declutter your living room floors.

Versatile and ample sitting
If you have a large enough living room, don’t hesitate to add in some little chairs and tables for your little ones. These will informally designate their own slice of the living room and help keep their things together in one place. Just be sure to choose a set that isn’t too loud or has busy designs. Color match them with the rest of your living room.

Giving them chairs nearer their size will also encourage them to hang out in the living room with the rest of the family.

Freedom wall
Chalkboard are famous in the DIY world because of the many possibilities they present. Set aside a wall in your living room to turn into a chalk wall. Hopefully, this will encourage your kids to doodle on the board instead of your expensive paint job. The wall can also function as a bulletin board for the rest of the family to post reminders and messages in.
This wall can also double as a display for your kids’ artworks. Frame them or hang them, you’ll surely find a way to showcase their work given the right arrangement.

Rounded tables
Parents of active toddlers are wary of coffee tables because of their hard and sharp edges. And they should be, parents should prevent possible injuries that furniture may cause to their children.

To calm your worries, opt for coffee tables with rounded edges or are round altogether. There are a lot of cool and elegant designs out in the market. So throw (or save it for when the kids have grown) out your edged coffee table and invest in a kid-friendly one instead.

There you have it. Hopefully these tips have been helpful in your living room redecoration.