Old kitchens can be boring and lifeless. But with little tweaks and changes you can turn yours into a kitchen you’d actually want to cook food in.
These seven do-it-yourself projects are ideal for those who want to take home improvement in their own hands or with just a little help from handymen.

1. Install undercabinet lighting
Additional lighting in the kitchen is always a welcome change. Lights could function both as illumination for cooking purposes and to manufacture a mood for your kitchen.

Undercabinet lighting, also called linear light fixtures, is a good way to fight the harshness of your kitchen’s overhead light and direct more light on countertops.

2. Tilling your backsplash
Adding a new tile backsplash is a good way to add some personality in your kitchen. It is also a smart way to make messes easier to clean. It’s easier to wipe off food splashes from slippery tiles than walls.

Tilling is a relatively simple task that anyone can learn to do on their own with a bit of research. What more, you can finish this project over one weekend.

3. Repaint kitchen cabinets
Painting is probably the go-to project for a fast makeover. It’s easy, it’s cheap and you can immediately see the results or even undo them easily. To revamp your kitchen, you can choose to repaint your old cabinets a new color to hide their old age and poor condition.

But before you do, make sure to choose a color that will flatter the rest of your kitchen especially the appliances. You don’t want your appliances to stick out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. It’s a good idea to swatch first.

4. Upgrade countertops
For people brave enough to do DIY countertops, there plenty of materials you can use to carve up a new countertop from. You can fashion a new countertop out of reclaimed wood. If you’re going for a sleek, industrial look, you can use concrete instead.

But it will better to use a material that you already have lying around or one that you can get for free.

5. Convert closed cabinets to open shelves
Open shelving not only looks great but is functional in multiple ways. It will make storing and getting things you need easier. What more you can get cost-efficient open shelving from carving it out of your current kitchen cabinets.

6. Stencil kitchen floors
This next one’s a fun project for sure. It’s not just walls you can stencil on. You can also add character on your kitchen floors by transferring elaborate designs on them.

Stenciling can work on both wooden and linoleum floors. All you need is a stencil design of your choice and some paint and you can turn your floors into a work of art. Black on white (and vice versa) stenciling can look particularly classy on a modern style kitchen scheme.
7. Replace old faucets
Faucets can help your kitchen look more modern and updated. Be careful though. Make sure you buy a faucet that still more or less looks in-theme with the rest of your kitchen. Traditional faucets better fit traditional kitchens than it will fit contemporary ones.

All you’ll need for this small project are the following: (a) a new / replacement kitchen faucet, (b) a crescent wrench, and (c) a screwdriver.

These don’t look too hard to do now, do they? All you’ll need are some prepping, a free weekend and some basic tools to make your old kitchen look brand new again.