Small bathrooms are a challenge to organize and an even greater challenge to style. But it is not impossible. Starting with the organizing motto that every space must have a corresponding function (or better yet, a double function), you can whip up a cramped bathroom into a functional yet stylish space you could efficiently use.
Smart storage
There are a variety of ways you can add or improve storage spaces in your bathroom. For one, you could incorporate open shelving in your walls. Open shelves can function as both storage and display to showcase your colorful towels and other bath essentials. They will also eliminate the bulk that cabinets give your already small bathroom.

Designers also recommend using storage ladders to add personality and functionality to your bathroom as it provides an efficient place to store your bathroom essentials. It is also a moveable furniture which you can conveniently remove or place in another part of your bathroom.

Illusions of space
Using glass and other reflective surfaces is a design go-to when it comes with working with small spaces. They give an illusion of space by letting you see the entirety of your space without obstacles or doubling up visual space by reflecting what little space you already have.

You can replace that old shower curtain with a clear glass shower enclosure or go all out by investing in a big bathroom mirror.

Go easy on the colors
To make your bathroom feel less small and cluttered, designers recommend passing up on heavily-patterned wall papers or too many color paint combinations. Two colors will be sufficient for a small bathroom: one for the wall and a second color for trimmings and accessories.

But you shouldn’t just paint on any two-color combination. Light colors will work best because they can make your bathroom look and feel bigger than it is. Not to mention, they can also make your bathroom feel brighter.

Add little pops of color
Just because you need to keep colors simple doesn’t mean that you can’t add character to your bathroom by having a little fun with color. Designers from recommends keeping your walls simple and neutral but mixing it up when it comes to accessories.

You can add color and life by decorating with bold curtains, towels or even a colorful painting. But be careful of overcrowding, you don’t want your bathroom to look too busy.

Hide the clutter
The same way you can clear your mind by decluttering your thoughts, bathrooms can look cleaner and more organized if you keep your countertops free from clutter. Instead of filling it with bottles of lotions or prescriptions, you can style your countertops with a few relaxing soaps or even a tiny vase of fresh flowers.

Mount sinks to the wall
Make your cramped bathroom feel light and delicate by investing on floating sinks and basins. With the new free space underneath, you can even slide in a vanity chair or a few storage baskets.
Sliding doors
To further maximize space in your small bathroom, choose sliding doors instead of regular doors. This is also a smart way to conserve hallway space especially if your bathroom opens out to a narrow corridor. Not to mention barn-style doors can lend a rustic vibe to your overall design aesthetic as well.

With these great tips in your pocket, you can now say goodbye to your cramped and shabby bathroom and create both a functional and chic one. Don’t forget to show us how your bathroom makeover turns out!