Your living room should accommodate the way you live and your primary needs. If you’re a family with children, the living room can be your main area for bonding together as a family.
If you’re a young, unmarried couple, then you might want your living room to be a suitable place for having some friends over.

A good living room layout will allow you to do these things. Here are some tips to follow to effectively design yours.

Organize for face to face convos
Arrange your chairs and couch to face each other around a coffee table. Be wary of making corners with furniture as well as these tend to exclude people from conversations.

Create activity areas
If you have a living room with a large floor area, divide into different sitting areas. Have your main couch at the center of the room. Surround it with less prominent sitting areas. You can have a reading nook near the window or a small tea table that seats two people in another corner.

This dividing of seating areas can also encourage intimacy and give privacy when needed. This setup is perfect for larger family gatherings especially during the holidays.

Put things closer to the fireplace
Make your living room warm and cozy during the winter months by arranging your primary sitting area in front of your fireplace (if you have one).

Comfortable lounging
Living rooms should be conducive to relaxation and destressing. Choose furniture that are soft and comfortable to lie in. Bringing in rugs can also make it possible to sit or lounge on the living room floor. Another great way to add lounge space is to get some bean bag chairs.

If you like having televisions in the living room, put it directly across your main couch for comfortable viewing.

Design diagonally
This advice is for those who have smaller living room areas. Arranging your couch, lounge chairs and rugs in a diagonal shape can help give the illusion of more space. It also gives the vibe of inviting the onlooker into the living room space by directing the eyes toward the sitting area.

Learn how to design your living room to fit your needs and lifestyle with these simple steps. Who knows that with a little bit of rearranging and reorganizing furniture, you can create the illusion of a larger space, ensure conversations (both private or group), and create a comfortable lounging space all at once.